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Production Time:


120 hours

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DM-17, in the picture below, is a classic Quake III level that encourages fast play, quick action, and also provides a advantageous sniper platform. Redone in Unreal Tournament 3, this level pays homage to the original, with a few new twists.

The revamped level features obvious visual changes, and a new level layout. Set in an underground cavern, the new DM-17 is an industrial platform suspended from the ceiling over an active body of lava. The third level is expanded toward the sniper platform, and features a second set of jump pads for quick travel from one side to the other.

The new sniper platform features two levels with an elevator providing access to both the sniper rifle and the jump pads back to the main structure.

The UDamage appears on the highest central platform, like the original Quad damage, but with a twist. The bulk of the main platform’s lowest floor is actually two massive doors that swing open after the UDamage is collected.

The above montage shows the trapdoors and UDamage interaction. Before the UDamage spawns, the lights on the jump pads start a pleasant green. The second image shows the jump pads when the UDamage is available. The lights change to a warning yellow, and red lights spin on the mid-air jump pads.

Once the UDamage is collected, the lights turn to red. The bottom two images show the gravitational vortex that traps players mid-air. Lastly, the doors open, catapulting players into the lava below.


Technical Aspect

One of the goals of DM-17 is recapturing the fast-paced combat of the original. Maintaining a simple, clean design that circles players around the main platform keeps this pace intact.

Additionally, the sniper platform provides a similar vantage point as the original level. Including a sniper warning when players acquire the sniper rifle increases the excitement of the level.


Artistic Aspect

The re-imagining of DM-17 updates the visual quality of the level, and turns it from a bunch of platforms floating in a pitch black space into a more believable setting. The warm glow of the lava below, the distorting heat shimmers, and the deafening air horn warning when the UDamage spawns all serve to create a memorable experience.


Scripting Explained

DM-17 required scripting for the sniper platform. Acquiring the sniper rifle broadcasts a warning to the entire arena, and reports the name of the player on the platform. This is controlled through the Kismet below.

When the UDamage is collected, the large trapdoor opens, dumping players into the lava below. Prior to the door opening, a vortex captures and suspends players above the door, preventing their escape. This is controlled through a trigger volume, object list, and some set physics nodes. This Kismet is called with the trapdoor sequence.

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