Torque 2D

Production Time:


Over 600 hours over 8 weeks

Play Time:


15-30 minutes

Team Size:



Production Role:





Korium was a six person team game produced over eight weeks using the Torque X 2D engine. Built as a side-scroller, the game features traditional platforming mechanics and puzzle solving elements.

The game featured a comical hero named Boris, wearing a bright yellow hazmat suit. Players guide Boris through the remains of a post-meltdown nuclear reactor, avoiding environmental hazards and mutated co-workers. On-screen tutorials provide context specific help to players learning the controls.

As producer on Korium, I kept the team on task and resolved issues. I ensured that delivery milestones were met, and that high standards of quality were met. Additionally, I tested the installer and daily builds for bugs and edited the final version of the documentation.

Technical Aspect

The Torque engine supports 2D games easily, and provided a strong framework for creating Korium. The team used this flexibility to create environmental puzzles solved by pushing crates, activating moving platforms, and avoiding lethal encounters with mutated creatures.

The team leveraged the technology and applied it in unique ways. In the shot below, the team reverse engineered the tutorial pop-up code to create a hidden passage in the first level of the game. Observant players explore the passage in the wall and are rewarded with a hidden ladder to the exit.


Artistic Aspect

The game uses a bright color palette, enhancing the comical feel. Enemies appear in more saturated tones, making them easy to spot on screen. In the shot below, Boris pushes a crate onto a mutated worker, crushing and killing it.


Additional Game Play Screenshots

Team Monocled Dragon is

Assistant Producer/Level Designer       Philip Riley
Level Designer       Jamie Giannini
Level Designer       Grace Blessey
Character Artist       David DeCoster
Environmental Artist       Travis Everett
Programmer       Eliot Peng

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Game Design Document


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