Philip N. Riley

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Enhancing my diverse Production experience with new opportunities.


Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
The Guildhall at SMU
Masters of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Design, May 2015

THESIS – Roguelike: Procedural Level Design in Skyrim – May 2015
Masters methods and new applications of procedural level design within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, May 2006

Design Skills



Agile, Scrums, detail oriented, solution focused, data driven, creative, out-of-the-box thinking, optimization and process streamlining, improving communication, team building

Level Designer:


 Level, world and systems building, scripting, procedural level design, modular & reusable assets



 Unreal Editor, Gamebryo, Hammer/Source SDK


Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, JIRA, Wiki, SVN

Programming Languages:

C#, LUA, DOS Batch, Unreal Script, Papyrus

Game & Platform Experience

Zynga, Inc., June 2012 – Present

Producer, Willy Wonka Slots and The Wizard of Oz Slots (December 2015 – Present)

  • Run Daily scrums, manage Epic and Task boards, hold art review of machines and features, weekly play tests
  • Drive creation, testing and merging of test code toward release on three-week sprints.
  • Process optimization, tool & report building. Drive new feature costing, kickoff, development, and release.

Senior Producer, xPromo and Growth (December 2014 –November 2015)

  • Maintain campaign launch calendar. Generate high-value creatives that balance performance and brand. Schedule, test and optimize campaigns and creatives against value metrics.
  • Optimized existing and created multiple new processes to improve workflow and scalability
  • Managed worldwide campaign for Empires & Allies, driving ~$1MM in total value thru July ‘15

Producer, Publishing and User Acquisition – PAC (October 2013 – Present)

  • Coordinate multiple internal and external teams to identify, optimize and deliver high performance creative across several channels
  • Launch, track, analyze, iterate and optimize creative and marketing efforts. Increase/maintain high CTR, CVR, and Yield across tier 1 titles with aggressive optimization and refreshes.
  • Work with game teams to maintain balance of brand guidelines with performance
  • Reduced operating costs by $1M/year

Producer, Mobile Social Channels – MSC (June 2013 – September 2013)

  • Fast-tracked existing ZDC team into new project. Transitioned ZDC to alternative studio ahead of schedule.
  • Streamlined existing roadmap, converged multiple codebase forks into one version
  • Triaged and reduced open backlog items by 90%.
  • Scrum master, managed JIRA database, prioritized roadmap, emailed daily updates

Producer, – ZDC (February 2013 – May 2013)

  • Guided team on multi-month project removing Facebook Connect dependency
  • Scrum master, managed JIRA database, prioritized roadmap, emailed daily updates
  • Coordinated with internal and external teams for new title launches, tech integration, and SEO needs
  • Re-launched site ahead of schedule with eight 1P titles and streamlined UX

Assistant Producer, – ZDC (June 2012 – January 2013)

  • Sole producer on team of 50+ engineers, designers, PMs and QA, supporting, online game portal with ~1M DAU.
  • Ran scrums, managed JIRA database, coordinated roadmap, emailed daily updates
  • Took over site with six active titles. Helped launch sixteen more titles with internal and external teams (1P & 3P)


The Guildhall at SMU, August 2010 – May 2012

Associate Producer on BRIG (July 2011 – December 2011)

  • Led a team of thirteen through a six month production cycle on a new UDK title
  • Team generated new assets, animsets, textures/materials, levels, game mechanics
  • Built custom particle effects, decals, and prefabs for Level Design use.
  • Led all meetings, presentations, and documentation duties
  • Created and maintained Game Design Document from pre-Alpha through RTM.
  • Scrum master, maintained backlog, tracked progress against milestones


Lead Level Designer on Io (March 2011 – May 2011)

  • Worked on a team of eight during eight week production cycle
  • Created and maintained the Level Design Document for a three-stage boss fight in unique first-person tower defense game.
  • Created scripted prefab boss structures, and Kismet-controlled creep deployment
  • Modelled & textured custom explosive projectile rounds


Associate Producer on Korium (October 2010 – December 2010)

  • Led a team of six through the creation of a Torque 2D game over eight weeks
  • Led all meetings, presentations, and documentation duties during development
  • Scrum master, maintained backlog, tracked progress against milestones


Level Designer/Scripter on several individual projects (October 2010 – May 2012)

    • Bedlam (GoW) – scripting creates random level layout

– Partitioned level assembled in random order
– Preserves checkpointing, allows full bi-directional travel

    • Containment (HL2) – X-COM: Chrysallid mechanic spreads zombies

– Scripted unit prefabs creates an AI ecosystem
– Fast zombies infect Combine troops, becoming Zombines.
– Zombine death generates a new fast zombie

  • Derelict (GoW) – advanced scripting creates high replayability
    – Random level layout brings Space Hulk boardgame mechanics
    – Maps vary in size and challenge. Internal spaces, Dead Space feel.
    – Non-linear experiences flip the battlefield
  • DM-17 (UT3) – reimagining of the classic Quake deathmatch level
  • Galt’s Gulch (Fallout 3) – a side quest that explores difficult amoral choice
  •      – External and internal area featuring multi-stage main and side quests
    – New vault to explore, multiple NPC interactions

Work Experience

AMS Services/Vertafore Corporate Data Center, August 1997-August 2010

Network Engineer I, II – (February 2005-August 2010)

  • Administrator for multiple production AD domains.
  • Relocated the data center in 8 months, moving 600+ servers with minimal downtime
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and optimize existing servers
  • Converted rackmount servers into blades and VMs. Designed network architecture supporting fault-tolerant systems.
  • Develop, document and optimize ongoing Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Lead engineer for hardware, OS, backups, MS Virtual Server, and VMWare ESX
  • All Computer Operator duties listed below

Computer Operator I, II, III, IV – (September 1998 – January 2005)

  • Seven years as lead operator and sysadmin. Assisted in new hire interviews.
  • Upgraded infrastructure, power, networking, and installed/configured new servers to expand datacenter from 20 to 600+ servers.
  • Managed multiple production AD domains, AV deployment, critical updates, hardware/software diagnostics, server upgrades/replacements, hardware
  • Design and manage backups for 600+ servers in a complex network environment
  • Create, document and distribute new solutions, instructions and workflows

New Agency Sales – (August 1997 – September 1998)

  • Cold call sales and follow ups, selling value-added services to current customers

Computer Skills

Software: MS Office, Virtual Server, Hyper-V, Clustering, IIS, Sysprep, HP Data Protector, Symantec AV, Ghost, VMWare ESX, JIRA

Hardware: HP/Compaq/Dell Servers/Blades, Tape backups, Networking, RAID, SAN, SCSI


MCSE: Security – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows Server 2003 with Security designation, earned in 2008. Also: MCP, MCSA, MCSA: Security, MCSE

Life Experience

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets¸ Company K-2, Class of 1997

  • Senior year – 3rd Platoon Officer, responsible for development of one third of the outfit
  • Awarded USN Scholarship in 1995

United States Navy, Midshipman 1995-1997

  • First Class aviation cruise with VQ-3, TACAMO, Tinker AFB, Summer 1996
  • Second Class cruise onboard U.S.S. O’Bannon, Persian Gulf, Summer 1995


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