Fallout 3




Production Time:


100 hours

Play Time:


10-20 minutes


Galt’s Gulch is a side-story within the Fallout 3 world. It places players in a hidden valley that appears untouched by the war, with lush vegetation and clean water. Players receive a distress beacon and find the valley after navigating a trapped tunnel. Within the valley, the unfamiliar sight of healthy plants confronts players.

Further in, players locate Vault 97, in relatively pristine condition. The vault contains just a few people, and has ample stock of supplies. As players help the Overseer with his requests, they learn that not all is well within the vault, and an unsettling favor is asked.


Artistic Aspect

Galt’s Gulch is loosely inspired by the fictional valley in Atlas Shrugged. It explores the idea of extreme isolationism, and the ramifications of cutting off access from the outside world. A pristine, well stocked vault communicates to players that, unlike the rest of the world, this area is relatively unscathed.

The simple pleasures enjoyed by the dwellers of Vault 97 reflect a relaxed existence, and years living unmolested by the ugly outside world.

Players received several quests from the Overseer that force exploration of the complete vault, and the realization of the comfort these vault dwellers have. Upon completion of the quests, the Overseer requests one final favor – to have the tunnel to the vault entrance collapsed, sealing in Vault 97 forever.

In light of the health and safety of the vault inhabitants, the great condition of the vault, and the ample stock of supplies, players face a difficult decision. Sealing in the vault provides protection against the dangers of the wasteland, yet at the permanent cost of freedom. Leaving the vault entrance alone continues to expose the vault to the immediate and harsh dangers of the Fallout 3 world.

Either choice is acceptable for the final quest, and both choices reward the player. Choosing to leave the tunnel open starts a side-quest to change the leadership in the vault, and ends with the Overseer resigning.


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