Gears of War




Production Time:


100 hours

Play Time:


10-15 minutes


Wet Work is a single-player level for Gears of War set within an Imulsion refinery. The level features two, large, multi-level, parallel corridors, connecting and cross connecting at different points. Underneath the floor, the soft glow of Imulsion swirls.


Technical Aspect

Within these large play spaces, custom Kismet scripting randomly determines the availability of many central pieces of cover. These random cover points appear as a pair of wooden crates through out the level. This random cover mechanic changes the game on each play through.

AI controlled entities navigate around or over these obstacles correctly. They also make use of the cover, if needed.


Artistic Aspect

Wet Work provides open spaces and long battlefields for players to explore. The random cover system augments built-in static cover nodes around more permanent objects. The design of the Imulsion refinery uses 99.9% static meshes, with very little use of BSP. Dark shadows in the rafters and below the floor enhance the sense of scale. An omnipresent soft green light casts a pallor throughout the refinery.

Upstairs, players navigate a more confined space as they pursue their objectives. The narrower spaces enhance an opportunity to flank a Troika gun emplacement, and then use the Troika against a horde of ceiling-crawling Locust Wretches.


Scripting Explained

The random cover system works in Kismet at the start of the Wet Work. The available cover objects are InterpActors initially flagged as hidden. When the level loads, the cover nodes surrounding the InterpActor are disabled, and the InterpActor’s collision is set to none.

With all random cover systems invisible and non-colliding, a delayed script triggers randomly turns each one back on, or leaves them off. This re-enables the cover nodes surrounding the InterpActor, and re-enables the collision. In the above picture, only the far cover node is selected and displays the cover options from behind the crates.

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