Text adventure game



Custom C#

Production Time:


80 hours

Play Time:


5-10 minutes

Unique Feature:


100% Data-driven map and item list


I created a C# text adventure game in less than four weeks that is data driven by external text files. These files control the map and items found throughout the game. The visual style of the game reflects a strong DikuMUD influence, but with an updated ANSI Terminal appearance.

The engine reads the data file and builds an array of rooms, complete with navigational mapping to adjacent rooms and locked doors. This information displays within the game in several places and manners. Across the top of the screen is a summary of the available directions to travel, and the red/green color indicates a locked or open direction. Also, a list near the status bar displays a summary of the exits.

Each room contains objects to interact with, and a menu system automatically displays all interactive objects. Locked items highlight in red, and unlocked items are green.

The menu system dynamically sizes the interaction window based on the number of items within each room.

The _default.gam file contains all room, navigation, and locked door related data. An example room displays the format expected, and the file contains a convenient 80-character bar.

The item list exists as a text file, but displays nicer in a spreadsheet. All of the items in the game are found within the spreadsheet, as well as the stats for each item.